Pap Talk: Andrew’s 4 Tips On Grappling Your Stress And Anxiety

45% of Australians will have a common mental disorder in their lifetime (Australian Institute of Health & Welfare). With 14.4% of Australian adults experiencing anxiety in the previous 12 months, stress and anxiety are both issues that need to be addressed. Despite humanity experiencing its highest standard of living on a global scale to date,…

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Do you want to get more from your exercise without extra effort?

Be Spunki REBOOT provides the necessary ingredients to increase stamina, energy and endurance while naturally increasing testosterone levels, making REBOOT your perfect training partner! Fenugreek is a popular medicinal herb but did you know that not all fenugreek is created equally? Testofen, Be Spunki’s pick of fenugreek, has been included in the REBOOT formula because…

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7 Simple Steps To Live Longer

Everyday stress is a normal and healthy response to daily life. However, chronic stress, when we’re constantly under stress, is a major killer to our testosterone levels. Stress, leading to chronic anxiety affects more men than we think. Being one of the most common health conditions in Australia, on average 1 in 5 men will…

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5 Bona Fide Tips to Achieve Bedroom Consistency

Testosterone levels drop when you turn 30, with sex drive and libido following suit. Studies determine that a decreased libido can be linked to Testosterone Deficiency (TD), resulting in lowered sex drive, fatigue, uninterest in work and hobbies, mood swings, and a loss of muscle mass. Studies determine that testosterone naturally decreases at a rate…

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